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STOPGAP 700 SUPERFLEX is a fast drying, fibre reinforced self-levelling smoothing underlayment designed for use on plywood, sand/cement concrete and steel subfloors prior to the installation of new floorcoverings.
Tested in accordance with IMO FTP Code procedures, STOPGAP 700 is in compliance with the Merchant Shipping (Marine Equipment) Regulations 2016, S.I. 2016/1025, and the Marine Equipment
Directive 2014/90/EU, and approved for use as a primary deck covering. USCG Approval No(s): 164.106/1121/WCL MER0389, 164.106/ERO2812/ MED0389
Note: STOPGAP 700 SUPERFLEX is not to be used as an integrated part of a horizontal A-Class division.
STOPGAP 700 SUPERFLEX allows resilient floorcoverings to be installed in as little as 3 hours at 20°C, making it ideal for fast-track installations and minimising downtime.
STOPGAP 700 SUPERFLEX is dimensionally stable and is supplied as a pre-blended dry powder which is designed for application between 2-10mm. It is protein-free which allows it to be used in biologically sensitive areas.
STOPGAP 700 SUPERFLEX can be used to encapsulate wire heating systems over plywood upto a maximum thickness of 10mm.
A 20kg bag of STOPGAP 700 SUPERFLEX mixed with 5.0 litres of clean water will cover approximately 5.0m2 at a thickness of 3mm.
• Fibre reinforced for improved flexibility
• Fast drying technology
• Long working time
• Designed for use over plywood, steel and
raised access panels.
• Application thickness from 2-10 mm • Excellent self-levelling properties
• Approved for marine use
• Cured density 1650 kg/m3
EN 13813:2002
The above standard refers to the properties and performance of the product and the specification to which it has been tested. The data shown confirms the minimum compressive and flexural strengths that the product will achieve.
20kg lined paper sacks.
EN 13813 Class Designation
Working Time @ 20°C
20 - 30 minutes
Walk on hardness time @ 20°C
60 minutes
Ready to receive floorcoverings over: Absorbent surfaces @ 3mm
Non absorbent surfaces or greater than 5mm (Temperature dependent)
3 hours 4 hours

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