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STOPGAP F78 is a solvent free, one component, ready to use system which dries rapidly to provide a waterproof surface membrane. STOPGAP F78 impedes the passage of residual construction moisture from affecting subsequent floorcovering installations, therefore allowing early installation of floorcoverings in fast track building programmes.
STOPGAP F78 must be applied in two coats and can be used to isolate residual construction moisture where relative humidity values are up to 95%. It is pigmented blue to allow the user to visually control coverage uniformity.
It is essential that STOPGAP F78 is applied to a clean and absorbent substrate.Any surface contaminants such as surface hardeners, cement laitance etc., should be removed to produce a slightly textured surface.The surface strength of the substrate should be greater than 1.5 N/mm2 in accordance with BS 8204-6 Part 7.2. Power floated concrete should be mechanically prepared. Bases must contain a structural damp proof membrane. Rough, uneven or damaged concrete or sand/cement screeds must be smoothed/ repaired with STOPGAP 1500 AQUAPRO, STOPGAP 1200 PRO, STOPGAP GREEN BAG/114 or STOPGAP 460 EXTERIOR REPAIR.
Care must be taken to minimise the occurrence of pinholes in the underlayment when pre-smoothing.
It is essential that hygrometer readings in accordance with Appendix A of BS 8203 (Installation of resilient floor coverings) and BS 5325 (Installation of textile floor coverings) are taken and recorded prior to commencing the installation. For further guidance please refer to the F. Ball Subfloor Preparation Guide.

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