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STOPGAP ISOLATOR MEMBRANE is an impervious loose lay sheet designed to be laid over damp or contaminated subfloors prior to the installation of a wide range of sheet vinyl, linoleum, rubber floorcoverings and bitumen backed carpet tiles.
The membrane has nodules on the underside to create an airspace allowing ventilation of water vapour from a damp subfloor into a dry wall, thereby allowing impervious floorcoverings to be bonded quickly and easily.
STOPGAP ISOLATOR MEMBRANE is ideally suited for fast-track projects where
time required for traditional subfloor preparation is not available, for heritage projects where removal of the existing floor is not possible and for temporary coverings
where floors need to be returned to their original state. It is not suitable for use in biologically sensitive areas such as hospital wards, operating theatres or in secure areas such as prisons or psychiatric units. Being a loose lay system, STOPGAP ISOLATOR MEMBRANE does not have the sound attributes of a fully bonded system and as such, a slight increase in noise levels may be experienced when trafficking.
STOPGAP ISOLATOR MEMBRANE is a loose lay system and the quality of the finished installation will depend on the preparation of the subfloor. Badly prepared or deteriorating substrates can mirror through to affect the appearance of the finished floorcovering.
All surfaces must be sound, level and smooth. Remove any bumps, ridges, uneven adhesive residue and if necessary, mechanically prepare the subfloor.Any irregularities, holes or cracks in solid absorbent sand/cement screeds or concrete floors must be skimmed with a minimum thickness of 3mm of STOPGAP GREEN BAG and 114 Liquid or STOPGAP 1200 PRO in accordance with the data sheets.Where overlaying existing floorcoverings, these must be firmly bonded.
Substrates and existing floorcoverings must be able to withstand covering with STOPGAP Isolator prior to installation.The installation must be carried out at the temperature recommended for the floorcovering.
1. Sheet vinyl adhered with F47 or F84 depending on the circumstances. 2. Sheet linoleum or rubber adhered with F84 adhesive.
3. Bitumen backed carpet tiles with F41.

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