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STOPGAP SRS is a solvent free, low viscosity, two component epoxy resin reinforcement material designed to quickly stabilise and reinforce poor and weak sand/cement or calcium sulphate screeds, including those containing hot water heating pipes.The product readily fills voids and cracks and binds loose particles resulting from poor installation and curing techniques of screeds.
STOPGAP SRS, in most applications, can negate the need to remove and replace poorly compacted or weak screeds which can be costly and time consuming, especially if the subfloor contains underfloor heating, thereby minimising disruption in the construction programme.
The product may also be used over certain screeds containing high levels of construction moisture or where no effective damp proof membrane is present, prior to the application of STOPGAP F77 Waterproof Surface Membrane (Protocols for the use of STOPGAP F77 must be observed).
An assessment should be made of the screed in question to determine the likelihood of success, as these instructions are for guidance purposes only and may contain information that may be inappropriate for certain sites. Specific information and testing requirements are available upon request from the Technical Service Department.
Coverage will be approximately 3kg/m2 dependent upon depth and porosity of the screed.Weaker, more porous screeds may require up to 5kg/m2.
Coverage rates are best determined by undertaking a small test area to evaluate the condition of the subfloor and help to calculate the quantity of material required.
In Situ Crushing Resistance (ISCR) - both pre and post installation - can be assessed using the BRE screed tester to BS 8204 where underfloor heating is not present.
The relative humidity (RH) of the subfloor should be checked to see if a waterproof surface membrane is required.
Pot life of mixed material in container @ 200C
10 minutes
Working time at 200C when applied to the subfloor
30 minutes
Setting time at 200C
12 hours
Drying time (ready to receive further treatments)
2-12 hours
Application rate

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