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TOPGAP 500 is a rapid drying floor finishing compound providing a smooth surface to plywood, existing floor smoothing underlayments, sand / cement screeds, calcium sulphate screeds and other rigid dry absorbent surfaces, prior to the installation of floorcoverings.
STOPGAP 500 is dimensionally stable and is supplied as a pre-blended dry powder, which is designed for Micro-Coat application to a feathered edge. It is protein-free which allows it to be used in biologically sensitive areas.
Subfloors of plywood / hardboard construction must be securely screw fixed in accordance with local standards.
An 8kg unit of STOPGAP 500 mixed with 4.5 litres of clean water will cover approximately 8m2 at a thickness of 1mm.
EN 13813 Class Designation
Working Time @ 20°C
15-20 minutes
Walk on hardness time @ 20°C
25 mins Micro-Coat
Ready to receive floor smoothing compounds
25 mins Micro-Coat
Compressive Strength N/mm2 (EN 13892-2)
1 Day 7 Days 28 Days
>5.0 >10.0 >16.0
Flexural Strength N/mm2 (EN 13892-2)
1 Day 7 Days 28 Days
>2.0 >4.0 >6.0
Consumption per mm thickness
1kg / m2
Application thickness
Micro-Coat to 1mm

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